Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tool #8

1. - I learned about setting up an account
    - how to search and add apps

2. Management- probably will have to have partnering at tables because 5 ipads in a class of 31 will be a challenge to use efficiently.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tool #7

This collaborative project would be between my art class and the music class.
Content Objective: Given a discussion of Impressionism, TLW would do a Wikipedia search (data collection) and find 4 or 5 artists/musicians that represented the above style
When implemented: sometime in the spring semester
Tools to be used: WallWisher - students would post stickys of the artists that represent Impressionism
Description of Projects: after doing a Wikipedia search of Impressionism in art and in music, students would post their answers on WallWisher.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tool #6

I created an account in Edmodo and created an assignment for a group (Period 1)

Edmodo could be used to get students that are finished early started on part of any upcoming lesson. I could post possible assignments, or parts of a practice project for them to check out on their own, but since I do not have student computers, this would have to happen at home or in their homerooms-no guarantees that they would do it.

Tool #6

I created a wall wisher - students could post different types of lines with their sticky on the wall. I had not used Screenshot or Capture before and thought this was an interesting way to embed things into my blog.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool #2

One blog I plan to visit in the near future is called:The Teaching Palette- ideas it has to offer are: ideas on lessons and a view of how another art teacher has created his/her blog.

Tool #5 continued

This address is the second embedded product that I can use from my blog.

Tool#5 continued

This is my embedded product address-the cartoon I created I sent to my email.

Tools #5

I used BigHugeLabs to turn a photo of student artwork into a puzzle that I had saved in My Pictures. MakeBeliefsComix would be useful in the classroom to help students complete a unit on cartoon drawing. BigHugeLabs could be used in several ways; creating puzzles of student artwork, creating trading cards, posters, magazine covers, etc.

Tool #5

I created a cartoon in MakeBeliefsComix to be used as a model and sent it to my email.

Tool #4

I sent to forms to two different teachers thru email. This will be beneficial in sending meeting notes or schedules.

Tool #4

I created a form and sent it to Mrs. Sykes.


I will be using dropbox for saving photos. I saved two files from my desktop that I use quite often, the basic template for creating a lesson and the Skyward list of classroom teacher's numbers (that I use when entering grades) By having them in dropbox I can retrieve them easily from any school computer, home computer or phone.

Tool #3

copyright laws are important to keep students from doing things they should not be doing and using the videos incorrectly. Things students need to remember involving the Rules of Fair Use are: 1,Nature of the work 2. Amount of work 3. commercial impact
Work can be used without permission or dollar compensation when the cost to the copyright holder is less than the benefits for society.

Tool #3

I could use these in the classroom to show students more information on artists.

Tool #2

I might want to go back to this because I found the information interesting and perhaps helpful in the future.


My comment got lost-trying again. I find it interesting that it is suggested that we should ask a question in our comments. Also, I am still getting used to having my comments viewed by the big, wide, world.