Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tool #9

1.It is important to tie technology to the objective in order for congruancy and and it helps to keep students motivated. 2. Why hold students accountable? to make sure they are working on the task the teacher has assigned. 3. I tried Learning Games for Kids and Thinkfinity and found several things that students would be interested in using. Under Learning Games for Kids students could use the Getty Games (Detail Detective, Match Madness and Puzzles) as a station. Under Thinkfinity students could use Universal Leonardo (Make a Monster and Make the Mona Lisa Smile) would also make great station activities.  How to hold students accountable- have a list of station options and students would sign name next to what they did.  4. Two apps I might try in the classroom are 123DSculpt and Art Puzzle HD. 5. Other ways to use the ipad- camera section/photos could be pulled up (National Geographic for example) as picture resources on how to draw something.

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